A computer repair technitian holding a motherboard in one hand and a air spray can.

Computer Repair Services

A computer repair technitian holding a motherboard in one hand and a air spray can.

Computer Repair Services provided by Professional Technicians. No issue is too much for us.

If I am not wrong, you are one of the millions of people who depend on their computers for flawless internet access. Whether you use your computer for studies, work or leisure activities, your computer remains a very important tool. The last thing you wouldn’t want to happen is to have it damaged. Nothing hurts like your laptop not being there when you need it most. Are you worried of the possible consequence of a damaged computer? You need not to; at least not before getting in touch with our experts.

We’re the specialists

Giving anyone your laptop to repair when it is down is not an option. You need experienced, reliable, and highly trained professional to tackle the repair needs of your laptop. Here, we have you covered on various laptop repair issues. We take a keen interest in repairing damaged laptops of all kinds. As soon as you get in touch with our team, we will assess the computer, diagnose the problem, and find formidable ways of breathing life back to it. Broken laptop screen seem to be the most common problem amongst laptop owners. Well, it doesn’t have to stress you anymore because we’ve got your back!

Need Quick Services? Contact us!

Repairing computers can be an involving process. Most repair houses will tell you to come for your machine after a couple of days. What happens when you need quick services? That is where we come in. Here, we offer fast speed computer repair services. You can have your computer in efficient working condition within an hour. Depending on the complication, we can have the repairs take a couple of hours or minutes. Getting in touch with us has never been difficult. Simply make that call or email us!

All Makes of Computers

Is your computer a MacBook Pro, a Samsung, or an HP? The laptop brand shouldn’t give you any reason to worry because we specialize in the repairs of various computer brands. We stock original spare parts of various computers. Whether screens, batteries or other components, we have original spare parts that will fit your computer. We serve areas within Happy Valley and Portland. However, it is no surprise to get customers from Lake Oswego or Estacada. We have served them before, and we are willing to offer them even better services.

Experienced Crew

Our technicians are highly trained with a minimum of five years’ experience in computer repair. In addition, they have several industry certifications from various renowned industries including Microsoft and Cisco. Looking at your computer, it might seem too complicated to handle. Here, we believe in giving a new lease of life to damaged computers. If it is repairable, we can get it done. We embrace myriad of approaches when it comes to computer repairs. From slight screen repair services to intensive motherboard repairs, our technical team will get the job handled, professionally. The amazing part of it all is that we offer affordable pricing for the computer. We offer affordable, realistic repair services.