Broken iipad air on the right and arrow pointing to a fixed ipad on the right

IPad Screen Repairs Services in Portland

Broken iipad air on the right and arrow pointing to a fixed ipad on the right

Broken iPad Screen? We offer iPad screen repair services for all of the latest models.

You have been enjoying the wonderful service of your iPad. Suddenly, it falls down, the screen cracks and you do not have the slightest idea how to go about it. How’s the feeling? It is rather devastating; there is no doubt about that. Losing hope and stashing away your lovely iPad is not an option. Here, we can help you with iPad screen repair services. The screen might have split into several pieces, making you doubt if that’s the same iPad you purchased some time back. That isn’t reason enough to worry. For more than ten years, we helped our clients with specialized screen replacement services. When we replace your screen, we do so with a new one. Unlike other repair shops where you are likely to get refurbished screen, we will replace your iPad screen with genuine, original screens.

Why New screens?

You are probably thinking; I am going to save a couple of dollar bills when I opt for refurbished screens. Why then would I choose new screens? Well, you stand so much to gain when you choose brand new iPad screen replacement. For one, you will have a new product that has never been used before. If that isn’t enough reason to smile, then the fact that you will be assured of quality products should put a smile on your face. We regulate the quality of iPad screens that we replace for our customers. We only outsource from the best, understanding how important it is to give you value for your money. With new screens, we are able to provide realistic, long-term warranty knowing very well the quality and specifications of the screen we are dealing with.

Value for money

Our iPad screen repair services are designed to bring a smile back on the faces of iPad owners who might have lost hope on their gadgets. We are driven by the commitment to serve and the passion of making a difference where it counts most. That is why we insist on new, genuine screens. The refurbished versions might look like formidable alternatives to someone who doesn’t know the inside secrets. If you had no clue, refurbished iPad screens:

  • Have gone through an intensive impact before
  • Are damage prone than new ones
  • Have shorter life span
  • Are assembled in haste
  • Are likely to get damaged when you least expect it

For something you have spent so much money on, you wouldn’t want to hear of any defects. It is better to invest in screen repair services that will last instead of keeping a few dollars today and then crying unnecessarily later.

Get in touch with us

So how can you get a quick and affordable screen repair service? We are here to sort you out. Depending on how soon you need it done, we can repair your iPad screen within an hour. We will be more than glad to offer you reliable, sustainable services at cost effective rates. Get in touch with us today for reliable services.

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