iPhone 6 damaged with water in need of repair

iPhone Water Damage Repair

iPhone 6 damaged with water in need of repair

iPhone Water Damage Repair Service

The Problem

You dropped your iPhone in water and you quickly realize that an iPhone dropped in water often does not turn on or does not function the way it did before. This may be the case for you. So what do you do? You throw your phone in rice and wait a couple of days. When you come back you find the phone still does not turn on. You begin to panic because all your family photos are on that phone. Photos that are not backed up anywhere else! What now? How in the world does someone repair a water damaged iphone?

The Solution

Luckily you have a friend in the water damaged iphone repair industry! We can help save your dead iphone and on top of that get your data back. We specialize in the diagnose and repair of water damaged iphones. Here at Gadget Tech we have many different techniques for repairing water damaged iphones. However none of them include putting your phone in rice. We use state of the art equipment, microscopic tools and best practices when it comes to iphone water damage repair.

iPhone Water Damage Repair Techniques

Ultrasonic Cleaning – One of the main ways of repairing lightly water damaged iphone is through an ultrasonic cleaning. What does an ultrasonic cleaning do? It removes the corrosion on all of the thousands of microscopic components that are in an iphone. The corrosion is caused by water being in the phone for a prolonged period of time, like when “drying” your phone off in rice. It is very common for water damaged iphones to just need an ultrasonic cleaning and then they can work again. For the phones that need more work after that point they would go into light board repair.

Light board repair – When iphones come in with more intense water damage they will often need light board repair. What is light board repair? Well if after we complete a ultrasonic cleaning your phone still does not start then it needs manual repair to get it to work. With how small components are on iphone motherboards it is not uncommon for capacitors or resistors to be burnt or even sometimes blown right off the board. When that happens we replace them with new components. Some times iphones have large areas of missing components or even whole chips that don’t work, when that is the case we need to do heavy board repair.

Heavy board repair – This is not a fun service to perform. We do not guarantee your phone will work perfectly after this service. This service is indented for data recovery. Heavy board repair includes removal of whole chips from the board, i will use the power management chip as an example. The power management is usually surrounded by many small components and then glued to the board with a think called under fill. This chip very difficult to remove and is very common when it comes to heavily water damaged iphones and ipads.