Macbook pro with a broken screen.

MacBook Air & Pro Screen Repair

Macbook pro with a broken screen.

We repair broken screens on both Macbook Pro and Macbook Air laptops.

Does your MacBook Air or Pro have a screen problem? We understand how disturbing that can be. With our computers being almost part of us, we know how saddening to have the screen of your laptop badly damaged. Things happen, and something like that shouldn’t put you down. At Repair Tech, we can restore your hope by offering professional laptop screen repairs. We specialize in the repair of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro screens. You can always believe in us not to let you down.

We’ve got you covered

Is the screen type of size worrying you off? It shouldn’t! For more than ten years, we have replaced and repaired varied laptop screens the easier way. Our services are fast, cost effective and reliable. We specialize in solving various MacBook Pro and Air Problems. Have you noticed any of the following problems on your laptop?

  • Cracked MacBook Screens
  • Broken MacBook Pro Screens
  • Smashed MacBook Air Screens
  • No display on laptop screen
  • Flickering laptop screen
  • Smashed MacBook screen

Our services involve the repair and replacement of screen based on the extent of the damage.

Solution at hand

When our experts recommend laptop screen replacements, we will always insist on new and original screens. Going for a refurbished laptop screen might sound like a good idea, at least pocket wise. However, you might end up on the wrong side because such screens are never guaranteed to last. Such screens have been subjected to massive impact before. As such, you can never be certain of their durability. The other aspect of concern is quality. You can never be too certain that the refurbished screen you are choosing for replacement is the ideal quality.

Save yourself the stress

Why should you spend so much on repairs and still be uncertain of the serviced rendered? Here, we guarantee you perfect and reliable laptop repair services. By using original, new screens, we are certain that your laptop screen will last long enough to prove its worth. We offer affordable services so you should not worry yourself about extraordinary charges.

Is $750-$1200 Apple Flat Rate Price scaring you off?

You might really love your laptop, but the idea of using $750 to repair the screen might make you sick. Here, we understand the dynamics, and that is why we offer incredible services at competitive rates. We will get the screen of your MacBook Air replaced using the least cost possible. If we rip you off today, your chances of referring your best friend tomorrow are so slim; we understand that. That is why we keep it affordable and worth coming back for.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We deliver the best when it comes to MacBook Pro and MacBook Air screen repair services. Each service comes with a warranty so you can always come back a couple of months later in case of any issues. Our experienced technicians focus on delivering nothing but the best screen repair services at unbeatable prices. We don’t rush the services so you can always be sure of perfection!