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Macbook pro

We repair macbook pros with liquid damage. If you have spilled coffee, water or any other liquid on your macbook we are the place to call.

Have you had an accident with your MacBook? Maybe you were enjoying your favorite wine on a Sunday afternoon. Suddenly, the glass trips over and the next thing you realize is that the liquid is all over your MacBook pro or air. What would you do? Liquid spillage on MacBook can be lethal if not handled the right way. We know how well you are attached to your laptop and that is why we are committed to ensuring you receive the best services in case of liquid spillage.

At your service

Whether tea, coffee, wine, water, coke or any other liquid; a slight spillage can result in several problems if not handled in the right way. As such, it is important to know what to and what not to do in case of liquid spillage on your MacBook. Your immediate response will work a long way in ensuring your laptop is back to its efficient functioning condition the moment we are done. So which aspects should you have in mind?

  • You should shut down your MacBook as soon as there is spillage. Detach it from the main socket and unplug the MagSafe main adaptor within the slightest convenience.
  • In case it was off, do not attempt turning it on
  • If possible, flip the MacBook open and turn it upside down. Lay it on a towel if you can.
  • Disconnect the battery. For a pre-unibody MacBook or MacBook Pro, any blunt object like a coin will help you in the removal process. In the case of a MacBook unibody, use a screwdriver to disconnect the battery from the logic board.
  • Find a warm, dry place to keep your MacBook for the next couple of hours

Having followed the highlighted procedure, you can now get in touch with us and let us know the problem. You will need to provide us with the details of the accident. Thereafter, we will arrange a thorough inspection and find ways of bringing back your laptop.

Time to relax

In the past, MacBook owners have panicked in cases of liquid spillage with some going to considering unnecessary measures. Doing anything unprofessional can jeopardize the recovery of your MacBook. If you have no clue of what to do, simply shut down the laptop and get in touch with us. The last thing you would probably want to do is switch on the MacBook and see if it is working. You might end up causing irreparable damages.

Nothing for chances

We understand how much you have invested in your laptop. That is why we give it special attention and care when you bring it for repair services. Before working on the MacBook, we will perform a complimentary assessment and diagnostic procedure to ensure we know what we are working on. Thereafter, our highly trained technician will delve into finer details of bringing the laptop back to life. We guarantee reliable, sustainable, and cost effective repair services for MacBook that has suffered liquid spillage. Contact us today, and we will figure out how best to assist you.